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Why Employee Financial Wellbeing is Important?

Employee financial wellbeing is interconnected with other aspects of their lives; physical and mental health, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life inclusive.

Veend helps employers shift their focus from providing only financial resources to actively engaging employees in their financial wellbeing.

Beyond providing resources, Veend works with organisations to provide ongoing financial education, offering workshops, webinars, and access to financial experts to help employees build financial literacy and make informed financial decisions.

How to get started


Schedule a call with our financial wellbeing experts to understand the right products and approach for your people


Our implementation team will then get you set up on Veend


Our impact team will schedule financial wellbeing workshop with your team


And measure the impact of the workshop on your team


You have a workshop scheduled “The Employee financial wellbeing” with Veend next week

A Transformative Solution for your Workplace

Enhanced Employee Development

Veend's financial wellbeing workshop helps  alleviate financial stress, fostering a focused workforce and boosting overall productivity.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Elevate employee satisfaction by offering valuable financial resources and tools. Veend's financial wellbeing programmes  contribute to a positive workplace environment.

Attraction and Retention of Top Talent

Provide a valuable employee benefit through financial well being. Attract and retain top talent, contributing to your company's long-term success.

Why should you choose Veend?

Financial Wellbeing means Overall Wellbeing

We believe investing in employees financial wellbeing, means investing in their overall wellbeing.

Partner with you all the way

Veend partner with you to provide the technology needed to ensure the financial wellbeing of your entire team and business operation. Employee credit and expense card and payroll ensure you have the best tools for your employee financial wellbeing

We have your best interest in mind

Veend works with you to provide ongoing financial education to help employees build financial literacy and make informed financial decisions.


Empower your business with Veend's instant loans.

Apply now and fuel your journey to success!

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