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Our reach is borderless and so is our office

Experience personal growth and make impact from anywhere in the world.

What I love the most about working at VeendHQ is the visionary leadership. The goal is clear, and you know exactly what to do. There is trust in the organisation, and everyone is willing to help you grow. For anyone who wants to grow in their career within a very short period, in a healthy and supportive work environment, with a team of self-driven professionals, VeendHQ is the place.

Nwafor Onyebuchi - Customer Success

Here's What We Are Offering

Personal Development

You grow, and so do we. Get time, and support for your self-development plans.

Flexible hours and location

Work from home, and from anywhere in the world.

Employee Stock Options

We give our employees an oportunity to be one of the owners of VeendHQ.

Periodic Leave

Take time to rest, recharge and get paid while at it.

Health Insurance

We provide you with a comprehensive medical insurance that covers a wide variety of needs.

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