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Our Story

VeendHQ was founded in 2021. We came across the idea to build VeendHQ while solving automation problems for financial institutions. We realized that the biggest problem in lending is the inability of lenders to collect loan repayments effectively, which increases the risk of running a lending business significantly. Hence, we set out to provide a solution.

Our core values

As a company, we have 5 core values that define us.
These are the fundamental rules we live by:

Building trust
Creating the best experience for our customers
Communicating respectfully and effectively
Solving real problems with innovation
Getting things done quickly

Our Mission

VeendHQ’s mission is to make credit accessible to African consumers

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Our Vision

VeendHQ’s vision is to accelerate wealth creation and drive prosperity in Africa through the creation of technology enabled financial products to better the life of every African consumer

$13,000,000 + Disbursed
193,000 + Loans
192,000 + Consumers

VeendHQ for Lenders

VeendHQ platform enables lenders to start lending at almost zero cost on a cloud infrastructure backed by smart artificial intelligence. With VeendHQ there is no need for any installation. We make lending as simple as opening an email account through our loan origination channels which include USSD, Web, Mobile App, ATM and POS. VeendHQ helps its lenders handle every technical aspect of lending from Origination, Credit Decisioning, Disbursement, Collection and Accounting.

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VeendHQ for Consumers

VeendHQ understand the importance of timely and instant access to credit and finance, that is why we ensure consumers can have access to credit when and where they need it via our various channels which includes USSD, Mobile App, ATM and POS with funds disbursed through our Lenders.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are a tech company empowering lenders

All loans on VeendHQ are disbursed through our network of lenders

No, VeendHQ will not be liable for the lender's loss of funds due to non-repayment.

VeendHQ is directly integrated into instant payment systems and Banks for reliable disbursements. Your funds are secure and processed through a deposit bank.

VeendHQ will provide staff training and platform support to its registered lenders.

You can access VeendHQ at no upfront cost. However, VeendHQ charges up to 2% of the amount disbursed by the lender per loan via the platform.

The platform fees and integrated third party fees will be debited automatically per transaction from the lender's balance or from their bank account incase of third party fees.

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