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VeendHQ provides easy and fast access to credit by providing a credit infrastructure that automates lending processes for lenders and connects them to borrowers through our various origination channels.
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VeendHQ uses reliable data sources for automated credit decisions, access to borrower’s sources of income for reliable repayments collections and connections to the existing financial infrastructure for payouts.



2020 had come with its lessons and challenges. It seemed to have had adverse effects on some sectors while some thrived. However, something was pertinent; we all had to change somehow, adapt, or weather through.
For us, at Liberty Assured Limited, it was quite a tale, and we cannot tell it without mentioning our partners, VeendHQ, who has given us a success story to tell.
VeendHQ team showed us where to look, and we ran with the dream.
Otimeyin Igbene - CEO
Liberty Assured Limited


Lend like a pro with an automated lending process and reduce your default rate

Problems we solve

Loan Origination
VeendHQ makes use of multiple channels like the USSD, WEB, Credit Cards and POS to help lenders originate loans.
Credit Decisioning
VeendHQ intelligent credit decision engine helps identify who is eligible for loans and how much they are eligible for.
VeendHQ help lenders with automated loan deduction from borrowers sources of income, bank account and cards. Resulting in the reduction of loan defaults.

Benefits of our Solution

Zero infrastructure cost
Lending on VeendHQ requires no infrastructural cost, which helps maximize your ROI.
Automated Collection
With VeendHQ you can make deductions from income sources, bank accounts and debit cards.
Omnichannel Loan Origination
VeendHQ supports multiple channels. Web, Mobile, USSD, ATM, Agents, In-Store, E-commerce, and more for loan origination.
Debt Management
In-built debt management system.
Credit Scoring
In-built credit scoring for your loan and customers.
Automated Credit Decisions
Automated loan eligibility, approval, decisions and disbursements.
Robust Accounting
Know the state of your business through our robust account reports.
Easy Integration
VeendHQ integrates with your existing loan management system to sync your data in real time.
Robust API
Innovate with our simple REST application programming interface.

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