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Your All-in-One Lending Automation System

An Embedded Finance Infrastructure for Africa

We enable financial institutions to easily embed credit into various ecosystems profitably and at scale.

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Watch Mkobo's Chief Operations Officer talk about their journey so far working with VeendHQ.

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Why Financial Institutions rely on us

Financial Infrastructure

Run your business on auto-pilot. VeendHQ provides an all-in-one technology that automates the entire lending process, thereby saving lenders upfront Infrastructure investment.

Embed Credit in Various Ecosystems

Offer a new range of financial products to consumers via their regular touch points and get paid directly from their income.

Access to Liquidity

Raise more funds on your portfolio and scale by accessing debt capital from our liquidity providers at competitive market rates.


Build a successful lending business with our mega solution

Zero Infrastructure cost

Save your resources and increase your returns. Lending on VeendHQ requires zero upfront cost and helps maximise your ROI.

Automated Collection

With VeendHQ, you can make deductions from income sources, bank accounts and debit cards.

Omnichannel Loan Origination

Skip the frustrating and manual lending process. We support multiple channels; Web, Mobile, USSD, ATM, Agents, In-Store, E-commerce, and more for loan origination.

Automated Credit Decisions

Our intelligent algorithm powers automated loan eligibility, approval, and disbursements to make error-free credit decisions.

Easy Integration

Trust our AI-driven technology to integrate with the existing loan management systems of our partners to sync data in real-time.

Robust Accounting

Get access to real-time data, prime accounting and analytics solutions to track your business progress.

Lessen your burden

A seamless process is as important as the result. We are giving you the ease and profit your money deserves. Worry no more about infrastructure, debt recovery or liquidity. Our relationship excels because everyone plays their part. Focus on getting started while we provide all the tools you need from loan origination, credit assessment, disbursement to collection.

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How it Works

As a Financial Institution, how do you get started?


Sign up as a Lender

Click on the “Get Started” button and create an account


Upload all KYC documents

From your dashboard, navigate to the settings page and upload all documents required.


Get Verified

After uploading is done, your documents will undergo a verification process in seconds


Start lending via our platform

Once verified, your account become active and you can start doing all the fun stuff.

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We are trusted by Africa's leading financial Ecosystems

Businesses are telling our success story

Join the mission to make credit accessible to Africans

Become an Ecosystem Partner

Offer value to your existing customer base. Provide real-time data to verified lenders on the platform and earn without bearing any risk.

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Become a Liquidity Provider

Provide debt capital and watch your money grow as a liquidity provider funding verified consumers and businesses on our platform.

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Disclaimer: VeendHQ does not lend directly to consumers and businesses, we only provide the technology and infrastructure required by financial institutions to provide loans.

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