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Launch an automated lending business in minutes, grow through various ecosystems, and earn high interest rates whenever and wherever you are.

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Default rate as low as 0.2%

Veend’s controlled risk policy allows you to successfully run an automated lending business at a default rate as low as 0.2%

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Smart lending for smart lenders

Automated lending

It’s easy for all lenders using Veend, with all loan origination, credit decisioning and debt recovery automated to help them scale faster.

Accurate financial decisions

Veend leverages alternative data sources combined with traditional transactional data to make more accurate financial decisions using its artificial intelligence engine.

Easy recovery

Payment deduction is directly from the borrower's source of income through integration with close loop ecosystems.

Easy access to liquidity

Streamlined portfolio enhancement with the Veend credit-enabled card for lenders who want to expand their portfolio and grow their revenue.

Comprehensive reporting

Lenders are guaranteed transparent transaction reports on existing customers for reconciliation and reference purposes.


Access business tools to scale your lending operations

Expense management

Properly coordinate and manage all expenses to align with your budget. You can raise invoices, submit expenses, approve, manage receipts, and lots more.

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Expense management

Payroll management

No more manual salary process. Effortlessly manage your payroll and keep your team happy by simplifying employee operations.

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Payroll management

Credit-enabled expense card

Credit enabled expense card for your employees

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Credit-enabled expense card

Credit-enabled borrower card

Empower your customers with a reliable and secure payment option, to cover everyday expenses, unexpected bills, and make larger purchases with ease.

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Credit-enabled borrower card

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