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Easy access to credit
VeendHQ channels ensure that consumers have easy access to loans anywhere and at any time via USSD, Web, Mobile App, ATM and POS.
Seamless Repayment
VeendHQ ensures that consumers loan repayment is seamless and very easy. Consumers can repay loans via debit cards, direct debit and deduction from their income.
Competitive Interest Rates
Enjoy competitive interest rates on all loans taken on VeendHQ lender channels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an account on VeendHQ is very easy. Simply log into the Website and fill out the Signup form. Verify your email, and you are good to go.

You can have only one account on VeendHQ.

SignUp and provide all the necessary documents to start lending on VeendHQ.

Yes, this is very important. You must activate all accounts before use.

You can apply for a loan via USSD codes, Web and mobile app as a salary earner using just your mobile number.

You will need to go through the signup process, provide your phone number and other relevant data as required by a Lender. You will be notified if you are eligible for credit.

Yes, you need to verify your email to use the platform. All notifications go directly into your email to ensure proper management of your account.

VeendHQ Lenders mostly requires only your phone number, employee ID and a connected bank account to offer loans to borrowers.

To know your BVN, dial *565*0# from the phone number linked to your bank account. Please note that your provider may charge N20 for each check.

VeendHQ uses enterprise-grade security to secure your data on a private network and secure integration to 3rd party platforms.

Your information is secured by SSL, and can only be accessed using your email and password.

BVN verification is necessary to access financial services like instant disbursements and repayment collections through our payment partners.

Yes, it is. All card details are confidential and non-disclosable as stated in the privacy policy.

You can change your password as many times as desired. Ensure that all login details are not disclosed to another party or user within the platform.

Lenders on VeendHQ may charge a fee for late repayments. All loan defaults are also reported to the credit bureau, which can make accessing loans hard for defaulters.

VeendHQ accepts MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards.

The default tenure loan is 1 month but this can vary from different lenders according to their business requirement.

VeendHQ loans are disbursed instantly directly to your salary account.

Loan approvals are instant if the customer loan request meets the minimum eligibility requirement to access a loan, note loan could also take longer if the lender has configured a non automated loan approval.

The lender determines tenure and the amount of loans.

Loans can be paid back directly via a deduction from salary source, USSD, a connected debit card or direct debit.

Once you’ve fully repaid your loans you will have access to new loans instantly.

When we collect repayment on behalf of our lenders from your source of income or bank account, you will see our name “VeendHQ” or the lender's name in the transaction narration on your bank statement.

Yes, you can repay your loan by sending money to your VeendHQ virtual bank account. Your VeendHQ account will be debited and the Lender will be credited.

For any support or queries, kindly contact

For any support or queries, kindly contact

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